Tall Tall Trees – moment

The songs on “moment” are not your average rock or pop songs with the normal verse-bridge-chorus architecture. Many of the tunes are mini mood-scapes that break out into wild and intense instrumental jams that take the listener to higher terrain and stop just short of a dangerous drop.  There are quieter numbers that provide needed rest-breaks along the trail and even a couple of solid rock tracks. There are stylistic salutes to folk, jazz and 70’s rock stompers; but mostly, a sound that is uniquely Tall Tall Trees.

Tall Tall Trees – Highwire

In the past few years, Brooklyn based folk-rock outfit Tall Tall Trees has evolved from a quirky bluegrass leaning side project into an experimental folk-rock powerhouse. Fronted by electric banjo shredding singer/songwriter, Mike Savino, the band‘s second album, moment, reveals a more mature sound, lush with darker imagery and swirling sonic textures.

Originally sparked by a group camping trip into the Alaskan wilderness, the album tells the tale of a man searching for connection with his environment and the people around him. On the final night of their trip, exhausted and beaten nearly mute by the elements,  the band sat around a campfire in a rocky, dried-out riverbed when the clouds parted, revealing the biggest moon they’d ever seen. One word was uttered.



~ by castleqwayr on March 9, 2012.

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