Bus Stop Dreams – Come Together

Growly and yet nicely raspy vocals, punctuating piano and Traveling WIlburys‘ (think George Harrison) style guitar on “Come Togther.” Now “Let Us Light A Fire” has a more chilled country-rock vibe for summer evenings on the back porch. Hey look who’s coming through the gate! Its Glenn Fry and Joe Walsh bringing a plate of lyin’ eyes pulled pork and take it to the limit slaw! This is cool country for chewing the fat with friends and knocking back a few with your neighbors.

Hey, when you get down to it, we all need each other and yes, we are our brother’s keeper.

Bus Stop Dreams – Come Together

Bus Stop Dreams – Let Us Light a Fire

A life of dreaming and wishing that you could do what you really want to do, is what’s behind Bus Stop Dreams. You know the thoughts that’s spinning in your head when you’re standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus that’ll take you to your job. One day you may realize that the only thing that’s keeping you back is yourself. You figure out that words like failure, winning and losing doesn’t mean anything anymore and that doing something meaningful and for the joy of it is what matters in life.

So, Bus Stop Dreams was created by Lasse Thomasson and Pär Berglund, doing what they wanted to do, creating music and sharing it with you. “It’s not the destination that counts, It’s waiting for the bus that’ll take you there that matters”.

The debut album “Don’t Forget to Breathe” is being recorded and is scheduled for Spring 2012.



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