Kami Thompson: Love Lies

The folk-acoustic-rock sound on “Love Lies” will initially grab you and hold you down long enough to allow the music and voice of Kami Thompson to resonate and then recognize. It resonates because it is very good, and you recognize it because these declarations are part of who you are under the skin. This is simply very well performed music that’s akin to a conversation with a close friend where you reveal a bit more of what makes you human—wherein lies your heart.

Kami Thompson – Nice Car

Drawing inspiration from her life-long love of roots music and deep ties of love and friendship—her father Richard Thompson and brother Teddy, family friends Sean Lennon and Martha Wainwright—Kami’s songs suggest the freshest strains of Americana (“Little Boy Blue”), storied British lyric traditions (“Blood Wedding”), and clear-sighted, bittersweet pop (“4,000 Miles” and “Stormy”).

“I wasn’t writing any of these songs on purpose,” Thompson muses. “I was writing as I felt.”

Kami Thompson – Tick Tock



~ by castleqwayr on February 28, 2012.

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