Sleeping At Last: September EP

Here at Heroes of Indie Music we have covered the music of “Sleeping At Last” and are happy once again to share this remarkable band.

The beautiful melancholy singing by Ryan O’Neal and the carefully orchestrated arrangements with Dan Perdue are perfect backdrops to self-reflection . . . you the invited listener will be taken to a better place. Sleeping At Last has a library of music to be revealed and embraced.

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I love the peacefulness as well as the sadness presented; and as in my experience, they are often present simultaneously. Rather then not understanding the former and fleeing the later, we can embrace both and reach forward in hope and grab hands with other pilgrims in search of something deeper—that revelation that may undo us or make this all sensible and joyfully true.

Sleeping At Last – Next To Me

The release of the new September EP concludes Sleeping At Last’s ambitious Yearbook project (October 2010-September 2011), defined most simply as “three brand-new songs, every month, for one year.”

Yearbook originated from songwriter Ryan O’Neal‘s desire to devote himself more comprehensively to his creative process. The subscription model offered by Yearbook introduced a revolutionary approach to the modern listener’s voracious appetite. The project invited the listener to follow O’Neal’s progress on his year-long musical journey as he promised them three new songs each month. Listeners agreed, and 36 songs later, with the release of September, he has delivered.

Sleeping At Last – 101010

How does one follow up on such an ambitious accomplishment? With the prominent song placement of “Turning Page” in one of the year’s biggest box-office feature films, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, the fourth of five movies in the wildly successful Twilight saga. “Turning Page,” a song written exclusively for the film, won Sleeping At Last a place in the film and on its coveted soundtrack. The Yearbook project achieved success on many levels for Sleeping At Last, and O’Neal’s prolific songwriting has also led to TV placements in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice series.

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