Weston, Pedestrian – Out West

Gabriel Priddy from Ohio, is one creative dude. You cannot pin him down to a simple genre—at least for very long—before you find yourself swaying to an intimate gathering at a sashimi buffet in the Sierra Nevada or sobbing over lost loved ones and that place one calls home. I like the driving nature of this opus that feels more road trip than your typical album release. There is passion dripping at every intersection and jewel-spangled skies over wide-open stretches through lonely deserts. This release should be consumed in its entirety both musically and lyrically. The only things not provided are photographs and a few nik-naks for the mantle from Mr. Priddy’s journey. Download or listen to the first song below and then before the Bandcamp link at the bottom of this post (where you can enjoy the complete album), put on your 3D glasses and enjoy your own vision quest—peyote not required.

Weston, Pedestrian – Seeing You During My Donner Party Documentary Blues

My name is Gabriel Priddy…I am from Ohio and I have a band called Weston, Pedestrian. I have just released my first album which is titled “Out West”. Music shouldn’t just be a distraction or an entertainment…it is a communication and a sharing from one human to another or from a human to God. I don’t know if my music always…or if it ever achieves that, but it was something that I had in mind when I was making it.

Weston, Pedestrian – Vision Quest



~ by castleqwayr on February 22, 2012.

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