Villagers/Conor O’Brien – The Jackals are not Welcome Here

This music from Conor O’Brien is some of the very best singer-songwriter indie music I’ve heard since first discovering Conor Oberst of “Bright Eyes” fame. Besides the first names, the vocal tone and style are very similar, minus most of Mr. Oberst’s pathos. The music—while also mostly acoustic—is more restful and melodic; missing the urgentness and stress of that other Conor. Who says good music is no longer available to the discerning music lover?   

Villagers – Cecelia & Her Selfhood

Conor O’Brien (from Dublin, Ireland) formed Villagers after the break-up of his previous band The Immediate. The very next day, O’Brien wrote the first song after waking up with a hangover. O’Brien’s time as a guitarist in Cathy Davey‘s band was also critical to the development of his style as he had never before performed alongside anyone outside of The Immediate.

Villagers gave their first live performance as a support act with The Chapters at a show in Whelan’s in November 2008. At that point the band had previously only rehearsed together on two occasions. They had only seven songs, written by O’Brien and passed on to the rest of the band to learn. – From Wiki

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