abandoned pools – sublime currency

My new discovery band, “Abandoned Pools” has it all. They’ve been around a few years but to this listener, they are brand new combining a retro-alt sound with gloriously shimmering waves of sonic glory. This is the stuff that transports me to a better place in my love of Indie music. Am I being over-the-top in my appreciation? Hey, I don’t get paid to do this, I only cover the bands that strike a cord somewhere deep within.  In this age of dangerous monetary policies according to the candidate: Ron Paul, why not invest your treasure in a Sublime Currency that can be enjoyed today and appreciate for years to come. Maybe Mr. Paul can learn a few tricks from the folks of Abandoned Pools.

Abandoned Pools – In Silence

“In Silence,” is the first single in six years from Tommy Walter’s successful solo project Abandoned Pools. Like his previous releases, Tommy Walter demonstrates phenomenal songwriting, intriguing instrumentation and his usual idiosyncratic vocal delivery. As founding member and former bassist of The Eels, Tommy now has over a million records sold under his belt.

On Humanistic, the debut album from Abandoned Pools, Tommy Walter went on to sell over 100,000 thanks to the Modern Rock hit, “The Remedy” and tours with Remy Zero, Garbage, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Corgan and A Perfect Circle. Humanistic was recently re-issued to the public by Rhino / Warner Bros. on May 10, 2011.

Abandoned Pools -Marigolds

Armed to the Teeth, the second album from Abandoned Pools, was produced by Tommy and Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Interpol, Clinic, Erasure) and mixed by Ken Andrews (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Failure, Year of the Rabbit). This album once again showcases Walter’s ability to combine the macro and the micro, contrasting despair with world situations and personal affairs.


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