Burning Hearts – Extinctions

I said on my May 2011 post for Burning Hearts, “A fantastic Euro-pop backdrop to synthy dream-vibe, keyboard rich, waking dreams. Warm Sunday songs for repose and recharge before the clamor and inevitability of Monday.” Additional thoughts: Extinctions is a very well done album that seems effortless in its execution, but is full of tons of love and great craft by these Finnish artists. These creatures are here for now and to these ears, are just beginning their majestic sojourn on our quickly tilting planet. Click on the Soundcloud link to listen to much more from “Extinctions” before they’re gone!

Burning Hearts – Burn Burn Burn

Finnish indie pop stalwarts Jessika Rapo (vocalist for Le Futur Pompiste) and Henry Ojala (ex-drummer for Cats on Fire) teamed up to form the shambly, synthy duo Burning Hearts in 2006. Burning Hearts’ debut full-length, Aboa Sleeping, was released on Shelflife Records in early 2009. Aboa Sleeping received a warm welcome and was called one of the top albums of 2009 by Eardrums and other like-minded music blogs.

Soundcloud Preview of “Burn Burn Burn”  http://goo.gl/b8PVW

After releasing two singles in 2010, Night Animal, featuring “A Peasant’s Dream (Jori Hulkkonen Remix),” and a cover of Arthur Russell‘s “The Letter,” the duo decamped to the Finnish countryside in Ostrobothnia and recorded a four song EP, Into the Wilderness, which was issued by Shelflife in June of 2011. The video for title track “Into the Wilderness,” based on a documentary about Alaskan grizzly bears, spread quickly over the web and received a most warm welcome. In July, Burning Hearts was signed by Finnish label Solina Records who, together with Shelflife, will release the forthcoming album.

(Free Song) See my 2011 Post Here:  http://wp.me/pvEoT-29Q

Burn, Burn, Burn

I’m covered with flames
my skin is on fire
but I will not burn
This mountain I climb
is dangerously high
but I’m not gonna fall
I’m swimming too far
in the cold and dark
but I won’t drown
These wings carry me
over the seas
so I can touch ground
Over the deserts, into the forests
I run as a child to hide from my hunger, my biggest fear
I fight with my bare hands and spear

~ by castleqwayr on February 8, 2012.

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