Papertiger Sound – Call Home

Papertiger Sound – (Call Home) Fin

A trans-Atlantic dream-pop, electronic joy-fest for the chilled set. There’s a bubbly underwater vibe as if the electronic bits of data traveled through clear tubes from one shore to the other, surfacing transformed into new creations. Submerge yourself in Papertiger Sound and if you don’t reach your promised shore, then please Call Home!               . . . Operators standing by . . .

Papertiger Sound – (Call Home) Something Good

Papertiger Sound is a transatlantic project created in 2006 by Dan Gelder who is from England‘s Eastern shore. Hailing from the Eastern shores of Canada, Kerstin Wilson joined when both Dan and Kerstin were living in Leeds later that year. They now function as a long distance duo and occasionally get together for tea and a chat.

They are currently traveling from here to there, taking pictures, filming things, and recording new music. Occasionally they talk to each other. Sometimes they write letters.

As a result of one of their recordings, the wonderful 7 track mini-album ‘Call Home’ was released on 16th January 2012 – what a great way to begin the new year! The mini-album is available on bandcamp for FREE:

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