Annie Handley – No Shoobie

Most of you know about waiting for a favorable break in your circumstances. Are you still waiting? Well, Annie Handley is making a move to become better known as she develops her considerable skills as a musician. At Heroes of Indie Music we cover most styles of music. Mostly we attempt to provide a little soapbox for the up-and-coming artist to get their message out and be heard. Annie Handley with “No Shoobie” is offering a Pop album—a genre we don’t often cover—that should be given a listen. She has passion, joyful exuberance and a beautiful hopefulness needed in these days of slow-core, snooze-pop and depressing sound-tracks from those lacking dreams or a working compass.

Annie Handley – Could It Be

Annie Handley – Old Bones


We are celebrating the release of Annie’s first album “No Shoobie” !

Finally Here, this Vancouver Island girl waited a long time for this day! Miles and Miles…First guitars and playing on the lawn, to time spent in a band, live performance, boat, social networking, hibernation and back again, travels abroad, along with having the incredible fortune to meet and make friends with some of the most beautiful souls and insanely talented musicians there are to meet. There’s a nutshell. Here’s were she’s at.

A mouthful about the CD “No Shoobie,” … it covers a lot of ground!  It’s Pop music, but it’s influenced by West Coast funk, rock, folk, jazz and even has some R&B flare.  You’ll dig it!

Annie says: “I hope you have as much fun listening to the album (or alblum, ..David Letterman says it too!) as we did making it! Thank you Mr.Producer/musician/friend/cool-ass-dude Doug Biggs, you rock!

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~ by castleqwayr on January 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Annie Handley – No Shoobie”

  1. awesome CD…….love all songs ……Annie is destined for great things…..on top of that she has a great spirit… won’t be disappointed…..congrats on the review let’s hope people keep talking……

  2. Annie you are amazing. love the sound of your voice. you are a star

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