Markéta Irglová – Three Pomegranates & Three Songs

Hero Note: Go to the link and listen to the interview & 3 songs @NPR.ORG — Stunning and Warming. Drop to the bottom for some live songs from daytrotter.

Soft and wintry with a melancholic quality, Anar isn’t so morose as to be heavy, with Irglová’s vocals gliding gently over the piano-centric melodies. It doesn’t have the volume or intensity of her collaborations with Hansard: In tracks such as “Go Back” and “Crossroads,” Irglová demonstrates her songwriting sensibilities with subtle jazz riffs and quiet urgency.

In this World Cafe interview, Irglová discusses the symbolism she incorporated into Anar, as well as her thoughts on the Broadway production of Once and the idea of another album from The Swell Season.

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16 Track Frisco Concert:

Marketa Irglova – Go Back

Marketa Irglova – Time

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