Jack in Water – ‘Made of Ghosts’

I like the way the songs build and envelop me in warm blankets of sonic protection and love. These artists go out of their way to quietly and calmly state their case, patiently look you in the eye, and while leaving the room, bid you to follow—if so inclined.

Yes we are, thank you very much “Jack In Water.”

Jack In Water – Mere Mortals

Abbey Road Competition

We were very lucky to win an amazing competition to celebrate Abbey Road Studio’s 80th birthday. It was a very humbling and overwhelming experience and we all feel very lucky to be part of such a wonderful project. All of the other competition winners were incredibly talented and I cant wait to hear all of the finished pieces. We had the chance to work with some wonderful musicians and groups such as LSO, Crouch End choir and Eric Whitacre and his singers. We also had the pleasure of being engineered by Jon Allen who made us feel comfortable at every moment. As well as this we had the great pleasure of working with Simon Hale, a very talented pianist, orchestrator and composer. He has arranged some beautiful string and choral pieces for our track ‘Made of Ghosts’.


~ by castleqwayr on January 25, 2012.

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