The Holiday Crowd – Over The Bluffs

“The Holiday Crowd” has a sound that is so hard for me to pin down. It is unique yet at once fully accessible. I’ve heard flavours of their sound somewhere in my past, but where? It’s almost as if I’m remembering for someone else; yet I feel that I’ve come home somehow. Very strange and very beautiful.

One musical group that has a similar shimmering sound is “The Ocean Blue” from Hershey, PA. The songs of “Over The Bluffs” are more current sounding with the vocals somewhat in the background, along with a surging and pulsating summer-shine sound that lulls me to a warmer and better place. The music is equal parts rhythm guitar and a fine palate of colours: vibrant and mostly impressionistic.

The Holiday Crowd – Never Speak of it Again (click below to play)

Download Free T.H.C. song here:

Self described as minimal and stripped-down, The Holiday Crowd’s sound and lyrics arise from all manner of experience: summer afternoon camaraderie to introspective reveries.

The album title Over The Bluffs comes from a lyric in their song “Tiresome”, “I would have led you away from the alliance and over The Bluffs instead”, but in many ways it is an open love letter to Scarborough, Ontario, a notorious suburb of Toronto where lead singer Imran Haniff and guitar player Colin Bowers grew up. “The whole mood of the record has a Scarborough vibe to it and it only seemed fitting to name it with an honorary nod to our old stomping grounds. Scarborough has so much stacked against it; it almost seemed like The Holiday Crowd needed to stick up for it. There’s more material lyrically to write about a place that’s tangible and misunderstood than writing about Narnia or Mordor,” says Haniff.

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  1. The Cure and The Drums a little in my ears! Only an opinion, nothing pejorative 🙂

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