Runnin’ by Galapaghost

Beautiful, shimmering, winter-warming acoustic music (mostly) and mindful voice as the temps dip in the teens this January day. Use the Bandcamp player to stream the music as you do other tasks at hand. Then quickly fix your eyes in the upper right corner of your room and simply smile as you excercise your free-will to download Runnin’ by Galapaghost right now from their Bandcamp site.

Galapaghost – Never Heard Nothin’

Galapaghost’, a subtle twist on the Galapagos Islands, inadvertently provided us with our name. After going through various four-man variations, we settled on the trio-format, figuring that there are a substantial amount of successful trios (Right? Right??). As a band, we’ve found that the hardest thing to do isn’t really writing the songs or performing them, but more getting them out there to the ‘general public’, so if you hear anything you like or want to hear more of, let us know. We hopefully have a long road ahead of us . . .

~ by castleqwayr on January 13, 2012.

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