Jonathan DePaso: As We Are vol. 1

When I listen to this EP by Jonathan DePaso I find that it’s framework is about mood, texture and careful craftmanship. But look at the picture and notice something deeper and inherently organic in this recording. This is the stuff of earth, heart, soul and blood that each of us is part of, and never really shed in this life.

The acoustic guitar intro to “I’ve been in Love Before,” brings to mind the equally profound intro to the classic “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. Check it out at the link.

All The Part – Jonathan DePaso

I’ve Been In Love Before – Jonathan DePaso

Jonathan DePaso is a solo artist based out of NYC who has been greatly influenced by the melodic vocals of Thom Yorke and Sigur Ros. “After I heard Radiohead‘s OK Computer I knew I had to become a musician.”

This particular album comes from a place of personal apocalypse as he’s been through a lot of difficult and painful life experiences. He explains, “I’ve come to realize over the years of listening and pursuing music that it’s not so much a genre of music that matters, but if the person is being emotionally vulnerable when they are playing.” We the listeners are the beneficiaries of Mr. DePaso’s honesty expressed so well through his art.

~ by castleqwayr on January 9, 2012.

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