The White Album: The Album

“The White Album” have a somewhat solemn neofolk vibe that is both thoughtful and restful. They play their many traditionally American instruments very well and know and achieve their goal in each song on this album. While some of the songs have a dour environment, others know how to break out in a crystal clear joy—a benefit of having fully experience the depths. The band was one of the top sellers on Bandcamp for 2011 and this “Name Your Price” release must not be missed.

The White Album – Another

The White Album – Fall At Will

The White Album is a danish band from Copenhagen consisting of 3 very good friends with big beards and very big hearts. Rooted in folk and indie-rock they make music that transcends structural boundaries of both practical and musical nature. Everybody is a front-man in this band as each distinct voice and composition finds it’s place in a soulful conglomerate of well-seasoned musical spirits. Just as the original white album, there’s no right or wrong. Just ideas. Mostly wonderful ones.

~ by castleqwayr on January 6, 2012.

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