Said The Whale – New Brighton EP

Said The Whale” make the kind of mid to slow tempo indie music that many other bands on the extremes should consider drawing closer to; minus being outright mimics. They carry some of the gentleness and cunning craftmanship of both Sufjan Stevens and Conor Oberst: two of my favorite artists. These tunes will not change the world, cure cancer nor feed the hungry. They do however, offer a restful season of reflection and quiet thoughtfulness to those with enough hope for better times and an awareness that this is not the whole story—it just can’t be. Have you ever felt you were on the verge of a breakthrough in some form—sensing that the knock on your door or that phone call might come any second? Maybe it will come—with all the ensuing consequences—tomorrow. The road and waiting are alternately unsure and interminable, but please know that he who seeks, finds.    

Said The Whale – New Brighton

Said The Whale formed in 2007 as a collaboration between songwriters Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft. The pair’s debut EP, Taking Abalonia, featured sunny west coast indie pop, with breezy harmonies, shimmering guitars, and lyrical tributes to their home city of Vancouver. In 2008, the album was rereleased as Howe Sounds/Talking Abalonia, featuring seven additional tracks that stretched the band’s stylistic palate to include bubblegum folk (“The Light Is You”), thundering hard rock (“Last Tree Standing”) and gentle ukulele ballads (“The Real of It”). After several personnel changes, the group settled upon a five-piece lineup that includes bassist Nathan Shaw, drummer Spencer Schoening, and keyboardist Jaycelyn Brown. The quintet embarked upon a rigorous touring schedule, crossing Canada numerous times and landing high profile gigs at V-Fest 2008 in Calgary and the nationally televised Canada Day celebration on Parliament Hill.

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