Spanish Prisoners – No Easy Marks

Watch out Bandcamp! Meet the new boss; not the same as the old boss. This is no confidence trick as these Spanish Prisoners have the goods; yet make it all appear effortless.  Bandcamp is an excellent platform for new bands as well as more established indie bands that appreciate its intuitive music player, the simple yet visually attractive pages, and the quick and painless way to purchase music.

Other reviewers have already nicely painted the canvas of what Spanish Prisoners is all about. Personally, I love the mood and attitude/atmosphere of these tunes more than anything. There is a dreaminess and intriguing calmness that is enveloping and needed for this troubled mind. Yes the playing, singing and overall songcraft is excellent, but these songs carry me on a journey of our shared volition (mine and the band’s). I’m not quite sure where it will all end; but this Spaniard’s incarceration will be one sweet vacation. Gold Fools is being offered on Bandcamp as a “Name Your Price” release; however considering the  treasure to be had, one should be kind and, yes, wise enough to leave more than Fool’s Gold in their offering plate.

Hey, do they serve tapas to Spanish Prisoners?

Spanish Prisoners – Rich Blood

Spanish Prisoners – Know No Violence

The four members of Spanish Prisoners found each other in the winter of 2009, when the streets of Bushwick were covered with grey, fading snow. Songwriter Leo Maymind had just begun working at the largest nightclub in New York City; squeezing through crowds of thousands of drunken revelers that were caught in a breathless pursuit of everything wrapped in nothing, going down in celluloid history. He began scribbling down things he overheard in dark corners, fragments of personal violence from characters filled with self-doubt and nostalgia. During the empty 4AM subway rides he took to his Bushwick apartment, he stock-piled musical ideas, putting the pieces together like some long-lost cosmic puzzle with no map or guide. Read more of the Bio here:

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