Guided By Voices: Let’s Go Eat The Factory

Bob Pollard of Guided By Voices performs live at the 2011 Sasquatch Music Festival.

If any one band or artist has awesome Indie-cred it is Guided By Voices and the leader Robert Pollard. Noisy, quiet, chaotic, beautiful and often reverential in its simple majesty, with some songs very short or extremely random. ‘Doughnut For A Snowman’ and ‘Hang Mr. Kite’ are immediate stand-outs from this sublime opus. In these two, one gets a sense that a “Laughing Gnome” era David Bowie directing and infusing some of the numbers with his quirkiness and genius. I’ve read other reviews that only give the album a middling review. These come from true believers and the dedicated. I just take an occasional swig from this well, so my views are probably more visceral and immediate.

A worthy listen.   

Listen to the Full Album at this link:

Guided By Voices' "classic" lineup from 1993-96 re-formed in 2010

While Let’s Go Eat the Factory may fall short of fan expectation and living up to the magic of Guided by Voices’ best work, it’s at least an encouraging step. Like so many GBV and Robert Pollard albums, this collection is a snapshot of where the band is at this exact moment; some stuff works, some doesn’t. But it certainly succeeds in capturing the immediacy of Robert Pollard and company’s creative process. All that said, they’re hardly leaving us much time to dwell on any one song too long. True to form, Guided by Voices plans to follow Let’s Go Eat the Factory with a second record of new material in May 2012, while Pollard has yet another solo record of his own coming in March. They just can’t help themselves. From NPR.ORG 

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