Fire Mountain: Of The Dust

It is hard to pin-down exactly what is so captivating about the sound of Fire Mountain. There is a harrowing (almost spookiness) to the vocals that lie somewhat to the background of the superbly communicated music. These are no amateur or clueless noodlers in search of a muse or talent. They know how to play and put a song together. What’s more, they create a vibe that intoxicates and draws me into a world of spirits (the ethereal, not the Kentucky kind) and deep-dark reflection. These guys rock and have created their own world; equally: spell binding, heady and knocking me slightly off-balance.

Fire Mountain – Ghosts

Fire Mountain – Black Heart

Fire Mountain makes real music. That’s it. They take folk and rock music sensibilities and combine them into something more, something that you can’t put your finger on. It’s just something that feels right and real. Fire Mountain writes songs about the struggles, triumphs, and questions in life that everyone can relate to. Their songs contain, as listeners describe, “a universal message.” Fire Mountain has been influenced by and compared to: Fleet Foxes, Ray Lamontagne, Iron & Wine, Damien Rice, and Wilco.

The goal of Fire Mountain is to produce music that people can really connect with and are willing to share with others. This is evident because the band’s sound has been catching on with others around the state of Alabama.

~ by castleqwayr on December 22, 2011.

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