Introducing: Field Mouse!

It seems that Brooklyn, NY is the epicenter of all things cool Indie music. Sure there are are a few mini-centers like Portland, OR and Seattle and still some glimmers of after-glow from Athens, GA, but Brooklyn has it all.

Go to you will find these spotlighted bands—apparently all friends of Field Mouse—with some free downloads of their numerous works. There ain’t enough cheese in Brooklyn for these mice and their many friends and neighbors.

Field Mouse is trippy cool female led, delicious dream pop for the non-jaded.

Word to the wise, what is not to love about Allison W?

Jenny O is a girly strum-fest with a flash-back to the 60’s vibe that is joyfully addicting.

The Age of Rockets is a potpourri of some of the very best elements of Indie music with a pop sheen for a much wider radio audience.

Make mine a double, I mean . . . just listen and grab all this goodness now!

Field Mouse – Helicopter (Deerhunter cover)

Field Mouse – You Guys

Allison Weiss – I Was an Island

Jenny O – Well OK Honey

The Age of Rockets – Elephant & Castle

The Age of Rockets – What Story Down There Awaits Its End

Field Mouse is a four-piece dream pop band from Brooklyn, NY. Seamlessly interweaving influences from shoegaze, indie, and power pop, Field Mouse offers lush sonic textures and expansive soundscapes to complement the airy, wistful vocals of singer/guitarist Rachel Browne. Through complex and delicate harmonies, the songwriting of Browne and guitarist Andrew Futral breathes new life into common themes of lost love and renewal.

The band has been honing its sound and solidified its lineup with the addition of bassist Allison Weiss and drummer Geoff Lewit. Their latest single, “You Guys are Gonna Wake Up My Mom,” finds the group realizing their musical vision, incorporating rich synthesizers and feedback to give an edge to its soaring arrangements and pop sensibilities.

~ by castleqwayr on December 17, 2011.

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