mattias hellberg – oh no

Mattias Hellberg grew up in a small town in the western parts of Sweden and when still just a young teenager he helped arrange concerts with his favorite bands and once in a while he got to fill in with his harmonica. After his voice stopped breaking he started Nymphet Noodlers as a singer together with Martin Hederos, piano, Mattias Bärjed, guitar, Jan Martens, bass and Jesper Karlsson, drums. Very soon they were discovered by Ebbot Lundberg (Soundtrack Of Our Lives). The band disbanded in 1996 and Bärjed and Hederos became members of Soundtrack Of Our Lives as we all know, and Jan Martens started his own band. Unfortunately none of these bands needed a singer with a harsh voice so Mattias got “left over”.

In September 2003 he started recording his own songs together with some fellow musicians and they spent some dark autumn days and nights in the legendary Silence studio to record ten songs about the melancholy of life. Producer and fellow musician Daniel Zqaty (bob hund and others) wanted to do it all with analogue techniques and the band wanted to catch the nerve of a first take. And that’s what you’ll hear on the self-titled debut album – brilliant sound and songs that will eat your heart out.

Mattias Hellberg and Healing Hand will be touring Sweden and Scandinavia in the spring and play most of the festivals during the summer.

~ by castleqwayr on December 10, 2011.

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