Dear Lions – Lying to my Lies

60’s vibe, dream state vocals—similar to the plaintiveness of Andrew Clotworthy—and instrumental cloudscapes carrying one along to new lands. Seemingly random but ultimately essential vibration of found-sounds intersecting these odes of longing and mounting grandeur. Addicting rhythms and shifting plains of music breaking up the whole; seemingly—to these ears and my limited musical knowledge— overriding or supplanting the normal: verse, chorus/refrain and bridge of normal popular music.

These young lions of NYC are developing a taste and a remarkable sensibility that will provide a generous feast for many in years to come.

Dear Lions – Exactly The Same

Dear Lions – Out Of Body

Dear Lions are a young band out of NYC who performed their first show together at SXSW in 2011. After only three months as a group, Dear Lions have been championed by outlets like Rolling Stone, Spinner, and Impose due to the success of their first single, Space Sister. Their newest offering, an EP entitled Lying To My Lies, is the culmination of their first collaborative recording effort. Mixed by Jorge Elbrecht (Violens, Surfer Blood) and engineered by Dean Baltulonis (Ra Ra Riot, The Hold Steady), Lying To My Lies will be available for digital download on November 29th.

BandCamp (free for now):



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