Of Monsters and Men: Six Weeks of Dirty Paws

Of Monsters and Men are the 2010 winners of Músiktilraunir (a nation wide battle of the bands competition). The band‘s name is apt and fitting to their lyrics, which mostly comprise stories of all kinds of monsters, both fictional and human. While they used to be mainly an acoustic band, OM&M has taken their sound to a different level with the addition of bass, drums, piano and the accordion. Creating a bigger sound.

The six piece indie/folk band has already had some success with their song “Little Talks”, that has spread over the world wide web like wildfire after the Seattle based radio station “Kexp” recorded it live over 2010, Iceland Airwaves festival.

Their debut album “My head is an animal” was released in Iceland September 2011.

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks mp3

 Of Monsters and Men’s appeal is no great secret. Its members combine the anthemic exuberance and homespun theatricality of bands like Arcade Fire and Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros. Their style, which also shares a strong male/female dynamic, is typically Icelandic: They combine earnestness and aptitude, which makes for irony-free, feel-good music that’s nearly impossible to resist. Just listen to the songs that follow, particularly “Lakehouse” and “Little Talks,” and we guarantee you’ll be hooked. From NPR.ORG


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