Susie Asado – Skyscraper

Susie Asado – Sally (Jimmie Dale Gilmore)

The somewhat world-weary voice and playful quirkiness are what grab me. Also, the simple arrangements are gently mesmerizing. Spend some time with Susie and together discover your own magic.

Susie Asado – Autobiography of a Skyscraper

It all started when my brother Philipp asked me to sing with him at a club in Berlin called King Kong Klub in December of 2004. It seemed like a fun thing to do. Little did I know that that one night would lead to many adventures and new friends and old friends and most of all to making music all the time. We started a band called Crazy for Jane.We played shows in Europe, the States and Canada and there were days when I thought that I must be in a movie or dreaming or both. And we were in a movie:”Berlin Song” by Uli M. Schueppel. This documentary screened at the Berlin Filmfestival and showed at some small arthouse cinemas in Germany. Anyways, here’s to little brothers and Jane and to doing things even though they initially made no sense. Certainly now they do.

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