Kalle Kaasinen from Joensuu, Finland

I have not (yet) been to Finland but have covered some fine bands from this Nordic land. This brand of caffeinated, very well played alt-pop—from Kalle Kaasinen—is just the ticket as the days grow short, the sweaters are brought down and the hearth fires are stoked!

Pidä kotona tulipalot polttaminen!

Kalle Kaasinen – In Full Swing

From Mr. Kaasinen: I suppose my genre is alternative pop of sorts. I enjoy early Suede, early The Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith, Pixies, Jeff Buckley etc. and I suppose it all comes across in the music. It’d be great if you found the time to give “In Full Swing” a spin, at least. Its from a brand new EP of mine that can be found here: http://soundcloud.com/kallekaasinen

~ by castleqwayr on November 27, 2011.

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