Gina Barrington “Don’t Pull My Trigger”

Think of the perfect psychedelic and mod spy thriller with just enough class, sass and a smokin’ leading lady and you begin to get this mini-soundtrack from Gina Barrington.  Musically and vocally it has a similar vibe to that other spy girl, Lana Del Rey who loves her video games. Gina’s music is imbued with mystery; as you don’t know who will come through the door next. The style is of the laid back spy genre with just enough intrigue and suspense to keep us waiting patiently for the inevitable full album release.

Cupid (vinyl)

Don’t Pull My Trigger (vinyl)

This 7″ vinyl debut single from sensual lyricist/vocalist Gina Barrington features the two tracks “Cupid” and “Don’t Pull My Trigger,” recorded and co-written with Daniel Zelonkey (Low Res, Suite Crude Revue) who also plays all the instruments except drums (David Shoepke) and engineered, mixed and mastered the record at his own National Recording LLC.

~ by castleqwayr on November 19, 2011.

One Response to “Gina Barrington “Don’t Pull My Trigger””

  1. After a tiring day, this album totally is conformed with my spiritual mood. Thanks for the share, as of this moment I’ll be checking this blog more frequently.

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