Elliott Smith: Movie Here/Now? (maybe)

Heaven Adores You” is an intimate and meditative look at the influence that Elliott Smith has had since his tragic passing in 2003. 

By threading together musical performances of those influenced by the music of Elliott Smith, through the lush and often isolating images of the three major cites he lived in throughout his short life ( Portland, OR, New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA ), this film will go beyond your average “behind the music” documentary by offering a visual journey and an intimate look at the singer’s prolific songwriting, and the impact that he had on his fans and other musicians today.

This project aims to be a celebration of Elliott Smith, his contributions to the music industry and exploration of his posthumous influence on the artistic endeavors of those within the global community.




Elliott deserves a tribute like this

As of November 15th, they’ve reached $2,175 out of $12,500 goal with 29 days left to go. As you probably know, they won’t receive any of that unless the Kickstarter goal is met by the 13th so the project could really use any support you can provide.

Thanks for your consideration!

~ by castleqwayr on November 16, 2011.

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