The Great Park “I’ll Help with the Load, My Dear”

 To these ears, this is English accented, simple folk music similiar to the odes to the deep from Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame. These quiet stories and soul expressions are best received from an acoustic guitar and a voice or voices. Mr. Burch does a brilliant run of it and makes the synapses tingle and the heart step back and again reflect on it all.

The Great Park – Here (live 10-05-11)

The Great Park – Lover O Lover (Amsterdam Recording version)

TGP – Winter (From The Diamond Family Archive) (2010 Simple Folk Radio Session)

Stephen Burch was born in the south of England, but spent most of his early life traveling around before his family settled in rural Ireland. On their farm is an old abandoned cottage, nearly collapsed but with one room dry and warm enough to make music in.

A vintage acoustic guitar and the family’s upright piano, brooms, pots and metal chains. Images of fields, of farm houses, animals, pursuit and escape – characters appear and reappear in different places – dense journey songs – the unifying theme is that of grave drama and possibility within ‘The Great Park’.

In 2010 The Great Park played over 150 concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy and England. Ten albums are available on Woodland Recordings.

Run wild in The Great Park below:


Mute Swimmer is a moniker of Berlin based british songwriter and visual artist Guy Dale.

Mute Swimmer – Different Name


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