The Shakers & Movers: Bill Mallonee & Muriah Rose

Took a car trip last night to see Bill Mallonee and Muriah Rose in concert in Crawfordsville, IN at St. Stephen the First Martyr Orthodox Church.  There were under 20 in attendance but it was an evening of good music, good storytelling and good friendships: both old and new. The show opened with “Solar System” and ended with “Double Cure,” two of my favorites.

I was experimenting with the settings a bit with my Fujifilm XP camera on my dad’s old 1960’s baby blue tripod. It was all recorded in a low-light setting at 320 to make it easier for my fairly slow internet link to upload to YouTube. Someday I will have better capacity and provide much better quality all around, to compliment the quality of these fine Americana performers. Oh, check out the bandcamp page and buy the “Power & the Glory” today. The second video is my current favorite song and go to YouTube to read the story of “Rural Routes”.

Thanks Bill and Muriah and have a safe tour and journey back to your new home!

Loud, noise-y…big fun; Written after BP and Monsanto gave the world a bath with government looking on and /or aiding and abetting. But much deeper than that. We sell each others souls and our own almost every day. If the shoe fits…

Well, the phone?
it ain’t rung that much today
and those darker things?
They’ve had too much to drink and say
There’s a phrase the shakers and movers
like to throw around
Yer either on the way up…
or on the way down

There are knives you must twist;
There are morals to kiss…goodbye
There are stories you must spin;
All this snake skin to hide.
There’s a phrase the shakers and movers…
like to throw around
Yer either on the way up…
or on the way down

Once my conscience was my sweetheart…
Hell, it was all over town
I told I’d marry her in a heartbeat…
if she’d put the weapon down

The rest of the lyrics at

Lyrics: The Shakers & Movers words/music: Bill Mallonee

~ by castleqwayr on November 8, 2011.

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