Kono Michi: My Monster (Not The Last)

First off, stop this train; you must see the video below—then keep reading.

I had the same dream of bending my feet down and gliding just above the pavement or sidewalk (multiple times). It was after a time of intense stress at work and God’s grace brought me through and to a restful and liberated place. I was nearly certain later—in my waking hours—that if I focused and really believed, I could do a similar glide or float. That is how real the dream was.

This is “way-good” professional sounding and wondrously unique instrumental—primarily violin—dominated music. It is Indie and it is a joyful “trip”—not completely outside the California meaning—minus the noxious after-affects. Step-up and take a big drink of what Ms. Michi is offering. Hey, it is free, will refresh for days on end and may give a spring to your step.

Kono Michi – My Monster

Kono Michi – You Are the First

Venus Zine Magazine called Kono Michi “a damn good violinist… Her debut album blends Asian flair with classical and indie rock. The compositions are lush, her voice haunting and in the vein of St. Vincent.” She writes, records, and produces her own dark and unique songs at home in her apartment. Her album, 9 Death Haiku was listed as one of the “30 Best Albums of the Decade” by Playback:STL. Her songs are released by Shark Batter Records, a teeny D.I.Y. label run from the Scottish Borders town of Galashiels by Mike Sorensen Small.


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