Sandman Viper Command: Everybody See This

This album jams! Soulful guitar god improvisation cooking on intense heat and then suddenly taking off full boil to saute in delicious herbs and fine white wine. No easy categorizing this glorious gumbo of aural overdrive. Since there are moderate tunes interspersed with harder tracks and those that change mid-song; this music should be carefully imbibed on interstates or anywhere speed-traps might abound. Word to the wise just so you know.

Sandman Viper Command – Rough Love

Sandman Viper Command — Strawberry Quick

The Song:
“Rough Love” is the latest single to emerge from the Canadian indie-rockers Sandman Viper Command, and as opposed to their last single – which placed a heavy focus on their pop sensibilities – “Rough Love” is more reserved, drawing out the track to just over five minutes. But patience is the key word with “Rough Love.” At first, it may simply seem like the perfect hangover tune, with direction being uncertain, that is until you reach the 3:30 mark, where Queen-esque riffs begin to get tossed around left and right, leading to an all-out, guitar crunching solo.

About Sandman Viper Command:
Sandman Viper Command is comprised of four best friends (Rob Janson, Aaron Harvey, Dan Reardon, Matt Meyer). Leaving behind the college textbooks and replacing them with electric guitars, Sandman Viper Command isolated themselves for six months in a barn on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ontario with producer Dave King. From the session came the impressive 12-song, independently released debut album Everybody See This. Performing a handful of U.S. dates for the first time this October, Sandman Viper Command are aiming to take the world by storm.


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