The October Surprise: Station Break

Paul J Johnson – Wheel (stream only)

A folksy dose of beauty alighting on the numb and indifferent

Brice Woodall – Sea Of Knives

A slow-core ode to needed caffeine and gentle wounds

Sassparilla_New Love

An herbal elixir for the swing-set channeled through Jim Morrison

Jonny Lives! – We Will Not Die Quietly

Faint aftertaste of “Bright Eyes” with punctuating piano

Jonny Lives! – Parking Lot

A slightly punky/Nirvanaesque ode to blacktops

Bus Stop Dreams – The Big One

A soulful prayer and challenge to greatness

Bus Stop Dreams – The Kiss

A lullaby of embrace and commitment for the beloved

Anthem Facility – Left to Defend

A sleepy and a wee bit dreamesque ride down down a “World Party” rivulet

ACE – Grave Bird

An orderly and deliberate attempt at glory—Not unlike “The Church”

ACE – Forever Boy

A chiming—slightly low modulated—joy-fest by “A Classic Education”

goodbyemotel – Redroom

A cool driving, slightly angsty strum-fest

I barely remember a few times before going to bed and getting to see the majestic American Indian Chief after the last program aired—frankly, I don’t remember what time it occurred. We also would stay up and listen to Dr. Demento on the radio and watch that vixen Elvira comment on black and white horror movies. (It was California in the 60’s and 70’s so feel free to do the research and comment on this post with illustrations and facts)  I do remember one time my parents went out on Saturday night to go dancing and they’d left a round mattress in the living room during some interior changes. It was the perfect launch platform for juveniles. We would bend it in half and catapult alternate siblings across the room in joyful abandon. My brother’s GPS was slightly off and his quickly accelerating torso found the plate-glass window which faced the backyard. He thankfully glanced off—minus collateral skeletal of tissue damage—but not before shattering it. Oh, one more thing; we had to explain it all to our parents as they came through the front door.

Don’t think we were spanked.

~ by castleqwayr on October 15, 2011.

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