Fotoshop Vs. Washed Out

Washed Out

Last year Ernest Greene released some home brewed songs that have created something good:  a new genre of electronica dubbed “chillwave” or “glo-fi.” I know this may not be for everyone, but it should be investigated, pondered and maybe appreciated by the chosen few.

Bio: The process for this record began in july 2011 while riding in a van in Bali, trying to find a hidden beach. Gina and I had been in the car for three hours, and as she was falling asleep, the washed out album came up on my iPod, and after hearing it once through, I knew I had to do something with it.

I’d tried a couple other concepts for artist-to-artist mashups, and nothing clicked with the nostalgic synthpop of washed out like nas’s flow and observational storytelling. I made a few demos on the plane ride back from southeast asia, then finished up the rest of the demos in my San Francisco apartment, salt spring, Canada, a coffee shop in Los Angeles, an airport hotel in dallas, and then on a flight to rio de janeiro. I lived and worked in Rio de Janeiro for a month, and am releasing this record in the first week all year when I’m not either traveling, working full time, or in the midst of classes at Stanford.

See my previous Washed Out post and grab another song now

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

Fotoshop – Too Little, Too Late


From Helsinki with love—and willing keyboards.

Bio: Fotoshop (producer/musician Jarno-Erik Faarinen) released it’s first tracks on myspace on spring 2009, and since that has been actively touring and recording new material. Accidents EP was released in the mid-2010, full lenght album is in the making.. (almost confirmed release date is around mid-november)

Fotoshop’s sound originates from the influences of 90’s and early 00’s indie / trip hop / alternative pop culture, such as Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Sneaker Pimps, Mew. Heavily disoriented synthethizers, basslines and beats, not unlike in shoegaze, trip hop or techno combined create the atmosphere of Fotoshop.

Mostly everything, from composing, instruments, vocals, programming, mixing, mastering to graphics and some videos is made by Jarno-Erik at his home studio (a macbook and a, well, not much more).

Faarinen, born in lapland town of Tornio, moved to Helsinki 4 years ago. He dj:s, plays electronic and acoustic concerts for money, and entertains himself with science fiction, psychology, physics and bad sitcoms.

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