Bill Mallonee: Last Days/Early Mars

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These 13 songs are among my favorites from Bill Mallonee (of VOL/Vigilantes of Love)—featuring a delicious interpretation of Brit-pop—and are available now for free Download. The slightly reverb vocals and guitar add a chilled-out and dreamy vibe to this album—kinda summer shiny. The whole has a spacious and open quality just beggin’ for quality headphones. Just click on the album cover above. My first listen had me believe that the vocals were way back in the mix; but I think my PC’s soundcard may be giving up the ghost.

Bill Mallonee – God of War

Bill Mallonee – The Heart, The Last Frontier

Mr. Mallonee has a new CD available called “The Power and the Glory” and you can read a review and listen at Paste Magazine and purchase here:

This is his best work since fronting Vigilantes of Love and his epic Americana release: Audible Sigh!

~ by castleqwayr on October 4, 2011.

5 Responses to “Bill Mallonee: Last Days/Early Mars”

  1. WTF? This is just Summershine, right? I don’t get the new name/title. A way of giving the album a way for free without the original label noticing?

    • Don’t know all the necessary back story, however, i recommend connecting with Bill on Facebook for more details. I think this is a great sound, and it has a cool title and song titles. Hey its free and does sound mighty fine IMHO

    • This is not Summershine. Seems to be an album of new VoL stuff released this past September, and it’s VERY good.

  2. This is Summershine with different track titles. Good album, but nothing new. Alan’s guess seems reasonable…

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