Small Houses: “North”

‘Small Houses’ are releasing North very soon and they are one of a few “must-hear’ bands for 2011. They play an alt-folk sound with a twinge of olde-country in their craft. Being a band with a unique and generous sound, they leave a lasting impression. Go to their homepage and listen to the complete album and check out my previous post here.

These songs are the handiwork of gorgeous—yet simple— arrangements, skillfully played and sung.  If you love beauty and have a need for a respite from the general cacophony of life, check out ‘Small Houses’. (excerpt)

Small Houses – In The Lawn

North was recorded at Backseat Productions in Ann Arbor, MI by Keith Kinnear. Additional Recording at The Lake House by Mohnish Das. Mixed at Backseat by Jim Roll. Mastered at Double Phelix by Benjamin Lau. All songs were written and produced by Jeremy Quentin except, “I and My Maker,” which was written by Jeremy Cassar. All songs were arranged by Jeremy Quentin with significant influences from all the musicians listed and earlier recording sessions with Seth Bernard and May Erlewine. Special thanks to Haley Pasquale, Alex DiFiglia, T-Rex Roth, Linda Adams, John Davey, Mike Fowler, Tyler Daniel Bean, Laura Francis GTG, my parents and my brother.

~ by castleqwayr on September 19, 2011.

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