Lana Del Rey: Play Her “Video Games”

Lizzy Grant, a.k.a. Lana Del Rey is one in a long line of sultry smoke-filled room sirens (think Nancy Sinatra). She seems the perfect package with beauty, talent and some apparent marketing genius in each category to promise a break-out from the underground and find her own shimmering niche. It’s hard to see her becoming a top-10 female singer, but who knows. She has the drama and goods to make a fair game of it all. Here’s hoping that the lifestyle choices/compromises—that will be generously offered—will be summarily smacked down in pursuit of her muse and years of beautiful reckoning.     


She describes her music as Hollywood pop and sad core. Not bad descriptors. The piano on this track  even has the flavour of Sufjan Stevens.

Here’s a Bio from

Born in the rural town of Lake Placid in New York State, Lana spent her formative years moving between Alabama, New Jersey and New York City before more recently relocating to London. Winner of the Williamsburg Live Songwriting Contest and described by her PR people as a purveyor of “cinematic dark pop for the 21st Century”, Lana’s music has been sculpted by her love of the silver screen, travel, New York and faded legends.

Before settling in New York, Lizzy Grant’s nomadic tendencies had her moving about from state to state and town to town, all the while listening, singing and developing her musical chops. She eventually landed in NYC, and, armed with her considerable talent and eclectic taste, began playing clubs around the city. This is usually a recipe for obscurity, but instead of disappearing into the throngs of pretty faces with pretty voices, she showed up with her guitar and blew the judges away at a songwriting contest, got invited onto some impressive shows with notable headliners The Blow, Mirah and Moby, posted some homemade music videos online.

~ by castleqwayr on September 14, 2011.

One Response to “Lana Del Rey: Play Her “Video Games””

  1. A beautiful song, she has a great voice.

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