Turn Off Your Television – Swede As Can Be!

I’m pretty much digging this album of the same name by “Turn Off Your Television”. Honestly there is not a “throw-away” song in the lot and the free offerings below are among those that rose to the top for me. It is a well made album and being offered completely free at bandcamp below. The sound is well described by others, but I would add that some of the tunes have a cool slow-wave sound without being droning or overly saturated. Fill up your “aural” cup today with Turn Off Your Television.

Turn off your television – I just cleaned the floor

Turn off your television –  20 million people

Turn off your television – Southern lights of home – Part 2


Turn off your television is a three man band from Sweden with influences in the 60s, 70s and the 90s. Inspired by the likes of  Sparklehorse, Grand archives, Luna and Belle and Sebastian. Many people describe their music as soft melodic pop with simple and memorable hooks.

Lead vocals, guitar and producer: John Rinneby
Stellan Lofberg: Bass and harmonica: Stellan Lofberg
Drums and backing vocals: Erik Willman

What others say:

Melting hearts with their melodic acoustic pop, this Swedish outfit has a feel of Grandaddy spliced with Sparklehorse – Gill Mills, Best of myspace

They sound a little like Band of horses, in a good way…  Sandra Berg, Swedish blogger

Great production!!!! It sounds amazing!! Open and crisp and analog sound without all the overcompression that seems to be so fashionable these days – Jose Lopez, Northwestmastering

I like what i heard last night! This music will stay on my mp3 player for a long time – MaxB, Swedish artist and producer …the choruses gives me the goose bumpsLarsson, Swedish artist and producer




The album is now on Spotify:    http://open.spotify.com/album/2YvcaIQZKynL7Davgq84FH

~ by castleqwayr on September 6, 2011.

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