Adios Amigo: Hıpǝ ʇo Eɐsʎ

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Mr. Major is offering a free “Must Download Now” EP from (see Link). The two downloads on this post are my favorites of the set and a worthy addition to your summer mp3 mix. I’ve covered Il Gato before Il Gato Shortink —with its wonderful similarities to the orchestral-folk side of Sufjan Stevens—but this release has a more stripped-back, simple and beautiful acoustic based folk vibe.

Adios Amigo – Easy to Hide

Adios Amigo – Couch

Adios Amigo is the solo project of Johnny Major (drummer for il gato). Current members include Johnny Major (guitar, vocals), Jason Forrest (guitar, vocals), Shawn McNamara (bass, vocals), and Steve Wills (drums, vocals).

The genre can be described as indie-rock. Influences and parallels include Broken Social Scene, Phoenix, The Shins, and The Strokes.

All members of Adios Amigo reside in San Francisco, CA.


~ by castleqwayr on August 12, 2011.

One Response to “Adios Amigo: Hıpǝ ʇo Eɐsʎ”

  1. Beautiful music. I love it!!!

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