Tanya Godsey – Telling Time

In retrospect, a tiny seed was planted in the Fall of 2009 after she and her husband Jake read Donald Miller‘s book “A Thousand Miles in A Million Years.” In essence, the book suggests that the same elements that make a great story are also the makings of a great life. At one point in the book this simple definition is given: A story is a character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.

Tanya Godsey – White Page mp3

This might be from Nashville and the songwriter-singer might be a devoted Christian, but rather than taking away from the truth, strength and authenticity of her songs, it adds a depth and foundation. These are stories lived out in the salty and sweet stuff we all experience, but hardly ever fairy articulate to ourselves, others or our creator. These songs may have a production sheen, but they do not lack the hard-won steel of character and brokenness of heart that only comes from releasing every tear germinating a seed and growing a tree that lives for ages.

Tanya recalls, “I remember reading this definition and being grateful to have no impending conflicts at the time while simultaneously feeling convicted that it was uncommon for me to pray for challenges. So we began to pray for opportunities to live a better story fully aware that we were entering the realm of the unknown.”

Frederick Buechner states, “Coincidences are God‘s way of getting our attention.” And through a divine series of chance encounters, meetings and correspondence and in the confirmation place of Tanya’s soul it was abundantly clear that the tiny seed was clearly the rebirth of her music.

While she was no stranger to the world of music after the release “Nothing Less Than Everything.” The local church became the recipient of her creative gifting, in opportunities to lead worship, play retreats and write and record on compilation records.

As if the downpour of compromised health wasn’t enough loss followed. Tanya’s grandparents passed away in late October/early November 2010 within 28 days of each other.

The character overcame the conflict in February of 2011 when after six months of illness Tanya regained her health and began recording her new album “Telling Time” with Ken Lewis & Scott Dente of Global Genius Productions. The making of the album ushered in a new season of hope.

Tanya knows a good story when she hears one. It’s a story of steep falls and beautiful rises, devastating losses and climactic victories. She can tell you that in redemption’s story, hope wins, grace prevails and the truth sets us free. We learn “How to be Thankful” in all things. We learn how to leave space in our lives “for the hand of a writing God.”




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  1. I saw Tanya on Daystar network last night and was taken aback at how much she looks and sounds like Amy Winehouse. Am I the only one who thinks this? She might be a good fix for Winehouse fans.

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