Gracious Calamity: Indeed!

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Gracious Calamity – (Live at Third Life Studios) No Hole In My Head (Malvina Reynolds Cover)

Gracious Calamity – (Live at Third Life Studios) Garden In Your Heart

Gracious Calamity is simple and beautiful female vocal folk music. Nothing pretentious or apocalyptic, just well written songs and a desire to create good art. Most of their music is free but they have a new album available for only $7.oo, Carefree Since ’83

CD package comes in sewn fabric case with artwork by Emilie Selden. Blow your face off. Also includes immediate download of 10-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Gracious Calamity – Song That Grows Like A Vine

Gracious Calamity – TakeYourTime

Gracious Calamity – Garden In Your Heart

At the core of Gracious Calamity is the blessing of two voices singing together. Woven around that are interlocking threads of ukulele and guitar, picking out half-remembered, half-dreamt old-time melodies. The resulting sound is something you might hear when you have been wandering alone through the jungle or a very thick forest, and you start to imagine wisps of human voice on the vine. It was probably just a bird or some far out insect. But because you are alone you tell yourself a story about two sisters who have built themselves string instruments out of plants and spend the days wandering and singing, mimicking the sounds of the forest.


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