Cat Martino: “Yr Not Alone”

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Cat Martino is a voice emerging that draws you in by its natural strength and intimacy. Cat calls her original style “Some kind of Soul”. It’s a little bit indie-folk-rock-experimental, born from influences diverse as Laura Nyro, The Beatles, and Bjork… Cat played her guitar, piano, and looped her voice and instruments to create layers that dream a sound all her own.

She was adopted into the Martino family of Pizza Makers on Long Island, New York. Riding in the Oldsmobile backseat, the girl was always singing harmonies to the 8 tracks from times past. She played the piano, ate pizza, and preferred making up ditties and neighborhood circuses, to sitting still.

Cat studied English and Music at Rutgers College, while finding her love for dance and choreography to paint pictures with movement. She taught herself piano and guitar, wearing out beloved mix tapes of Joni Mitchell, Otis Redding and the Pixies.

Fast Forward

The Songstress has finished her newest record “Yr Not Alone” upon the eve of her most imminent and revealing yet, something fresh based upon her natural ear for looping harmonies and instruments live onstage, and internal body rhythms. Stay tuned to hear. Previously, she has worked on The Sea Closet, an album of piano and guitar songs, that trace the travels of her creative inner characters by boat whistles from waving waters to land..

Tweet from April 2011:  “It’s all done and coming sooooon! Recorded at the Poconos studios with help from Jack Petruzzelli, Casey Foubert, Sufjan Stevens, CJ Camereri, & Brian McTear… Mixed by Brian McTear at Minor Street in Philly. So excited to share it with you. xo Cat”

Martino has toured internationally, opening shows for Rufus Wainwright, RIDE frontman Mark Gardener, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and more. In 2010/11 Cat hit the road far and wide when asked to tour with the bands of friends Sufjan Stevens and Sharon Van Etten, touring them respectively for their album releases which she had lush vocal contributions for on “Age of Adz”, “All Delighted People” and “Epic”.

“I had been exploring a stripped down acoustic sound that birthed songs from a deeper honesty. One day I started to play with my guitarists’ pedal board through a microphone. Harmonizing is the most natural thing in the world for me, so… At first I thought I was combining opposites, but I soon heard the sounds complement each other. Besides, I love contradictions.”

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