Pepper Rabbit – Beauregard

Pepper Rabbit is the name of the band consisting of Xander Singh and Luc Laurent. The sound can be described as alternative and psychedelic. The vocals are way back in the mix and the words are barely discernable—not unlike “Beach House“. I like the highly instrumental quality of the songs, but wish they did not have that overly droning sound, that to these ears, masks their beauty. I’ve noticed in many new psych-alt bands that they have a pulsating sound that makes me dizzy. This is most noticeable in the first song offered below. Do give them a try, and you’re free to disagree with my eval in the comment section by clicking on this post. They are offering this release for free download at the link.

Pepper Rabbit—In The Spirit of Beauregard

Pepper Rabbit—Snowalker

“At the root of each song is something simple,” explains Xander, “whether it be the chord progression, the instrumentation, or the lyrics. But the most important aspect of this record is the freedom we gave ourselves to experiment and construct something that’s easy to get lost in.”

Incorporating around 11 instruments—including ukuleles, clarinet, horns and a striking array of dusty analog synths—the Pepper Rabbit sound can be described as a loose brand of psychedelic pop music, rounded out by Xander’s deftly-layered loops and a third touring member on bass and synths (currently NOLA native Jonathan Allen).

“Unlike the last album,” Xander says, “we didn’t try and pull from any generation in particular. We’d just sit down and take the songs in whatever direction felt natural without deviating too far from a core pop song structure.  And in the end I think it comes across exactly as we hoped.”

~ by castleqwayr on July 16, 2011.

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