The Low Branches – Sinking, Rising

“Sinking, Rising,” is the inaugural release for Richmond based Low Branches. Swimming beneath it’s surface, we find an album that creates an atmosphere—a pervading sense of calm through sound. The album is poised and tender, yet confident and deliberate.

Recorded during late evenings inside of the Richmond Ballet, the undercurrents captured on this record are unpolished, raw and captivating. Gleixner’s vocals drift smoky and organic through dominant pulls of cello, stripped-down percussion, and delicate passes on the guitar.

The tenderness of “Sinking, Rising,” is not to be mistaken for softness, for it only belies quiet fortitude and the ability to face darkness undaunted. The Low Branches are the small craft on the turbulent seas, pressing unwaveringly against the wind. “Sinking, Rising” is indeed a triumph, a timeless victory against the storms. — from

In September 2009, The Low Branches played the Live at Ipanema series. It was a great night. Take a listen. Download ZIP FILE

~ by castleqwayr on July 11, 2011.

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