Jennifer Castle → Believing in Impossible Things

Delicate, sensual and simply hypnotic. This transports me to an idyllic imagined past where struggles, while still fierce; love, spirituality and community were even more real and a safe place to run to. Find joy and let your tethered soul drift within safe harbors.

Jennifer Castle-Neverride

Jennifer Castle-Powers

After lending her unmistakable voice to a diverse list of recordings – including The Constantines’ Kensington Heights, Fxxked Up’s Year of the Pig and David Comes to Life, as well as albums by Ryan Driver, Eric Chenaux, Doug Paisley and Wooly Leaves – Jennifer Castle now brings her timeless take on folk music to the world under her own name for the first time with Castlemusic. One of Canada’s best kept secrets, Castle has managed to stay low-key and grounded in Toronto, Ontario, quietly crafting songs that capture the wonder of those impossible visions.

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~ by castleqwayr on July 11, 2011.

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