Kerosene Halo – Happy Campers

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The following band write-up explains it fairly well. But, oh well, here are my own reflections. This is chilling, grilling and road-trippin’ music for those with a need to rest. While I’ve followed the principal members of this band, ‘Mike Roe‘ and ‘Derri Daugherty‘ for more years than few—always amazed at the quantity of their production—it is the stunning and shimmering quality of their art that sets my heart longing for the open road and star-filled nights around the campfire. Yes, conversation may be eclipsed by the random shooting-star; it’s good friends pouring forth their joys, deepest longings and sadness that does a weary soul a world of good. Their music just might do it for you. 

Use the Bandcamp player  to enjoy the album as background while you go about your business.

Simple. Sparse. Nostalgic. Gorgeous. The adjectives run riot but the music does not. This is an album for late nights, early mornings, lazy afternoons and relaxing road trips down your favorite highways. Mike says “This record is a labor of love to ourselves and our favorite songwriters. For years, we have wanted to sing harmonies together in a duo setting but never got the chance until now. I have fond memories of singing in similar duos like this during the 1970’s and have missed it ever since. This is a return to a very important part of our roots that inspired so much great music from so many talented writers, not the least of which include some of our closest friends.”

The album is a beautiful and wondrous journey through the back pages of songbooks of some of their most beloved writers. Besides troubadour   legends like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Richard Thompson, the album also features hand-picked tunes from old pals Phil Madeira, Steve  Hindalong, Terry  Taylor and Larry Norman. The guys’ sweet vocal  harmonies and acoustic/electric guitar stylings are present throughout, as well cameos from current and former collaborators Steve Hindalong on percussion, Mark Harmon on bass, and Greg Kellog on pedal steel, dobro and more.

~ by castleqwayr on July 10, 2011.

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