Eric Contractor – Night Escape

I first heard the music of Mr. Contractor with parts of a few tracks and was initially confused by his style as being something just out of reach from times past. What decade or exact genre—for which I was initially at a loss—I was soon to more fully appreciate and understand.

Firstly, back in the 70’s through the 90’s and even within his latest release, ‘Olympia,’ I was taken by the solo work of one Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music fame. There really is no resemblance in voice or music of these two musicians, but there is a connection—at least to my reckoning. They both create male vocal led odes to love, longing and loss that are infused with a romanticism that digs a few layers beneath the surface. There really is no confusing Mr. Contractor with Justin Bieber as to sincerity or passion.

Secondly, in mining the wealth of the past and not trying to make it fit an easy, money making formula, this artist has both courage and insight. Our society is in the throes of forced, inevitable and often terrifying change, and Eric’s voice and music offer a safer and more thoughtful past, bringing comfort to this road weary sojourner.

Finally, I love a true story expressed in song that paints a picture, or simply is confessional in all the usual ways; not knowing the path, expressing the need, and humbly reaching out a hand, or two, to a like mind.

Eric Contractor—Prince Of The Shadows

Eric Contractor—‘Round My Door

My name is Eric Contractor, and I am a NYC-based singer-songwriter with a unique aesthetic and sound. In my music, I aim for cinematic drama, combined with solid song-craft, and a more “old-school” romantic vocal approach. My songs and melodies are influenced from everything from classic rock & roll to extended Romantic-era pieces from composers like Mahler, for instance…..

Just like many musicians before him, Eric Contractor composed his first opus (entitled “Chicken and-A-Lickin,'”) at the mere age of four years old (think of W.A. Mozart). Following this initial musical impulse, Eric continued to sing along to the Mamas and the Papas, Ella Fitzgerald, and Motown songs  throughout his childhood. Eric discovered the emergence of a mature deep voice when he was fourteen, and soon after began to write songs with his friends. For his first public performance, Eric sang “God Bless America.” Roses purchased for ironic and mocking intentions were showered on the stage for an official coronation. He delivered, and from that moment on, Eric knew that performing was his destiny.

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Eric Contractor Homepage

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