runhild gammelsæter—amplicon

“Collapse — Lifting of the Veil” by Runhild Gammelsaeter mp3

Runhild Gammelsaeter‘s voice is chaos contained, but how she electronically stretches and warps it sounds like the sublime expansion of the universe. Three years after the release of h—er first solo album (originally pressed to CD on the excellent Utech Records), the recent vinyl reissue of Amplicon provides a welcome reminder of the incredibly unheard-of cosmos Gammelsaeter created.

Floating somewhere in the realms of folk, noise and black metal, Amplicon sounds like it could have soundtracked the psychedelic existentialist film Enter the Void years before it messed with our minds. Gammelsaeter is no stranger to these realms: She was just 17 when she screamed for a pre-Sunn O))) Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson in Thorr’s Hammer, and she provided vocals for the appropriately titled Chaos Is My Name, an abstract drone-metal record by Khylst. And, as I found out in an email interview with Gammelsaeter, every single sound on Amplicon — the terrifying growls, the ghostly whispers, the clattering bells, the sub-basement drones, the synth-like screes — comes from her voice and body. And, when she’s not busy being a cell physiologist (and sometimes model), she really likes listening to Britney Spears. Who knew?

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  1. Thank you so much for your post about Runhild! – Tracy @ Little Black Cloud Records

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