Daniel Amos 2011 Concert Tour → Cornerstone

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Buffalo Hills – Motor Cycle

Took my car to Franklin, IN on Tuesday, June 28 for a nice long concert by Daniel Amos.  I have followed their music first weakly in 1977 and then fully committed starting in the early 80’s. Their first album came out in 1976 and they got their start with Maranatha Music and Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, CA.  I have seen the lead singer and primary song-writer Terry Taylor in his various bands like the Lost Dogs (Folk Country Romp) and Swirling Eddies (Psycho Madness with a silver lining). Their life story, struggles and basic excellent lyrics and music have kept my interest these many years and hopefully they will someday garner a bit of the recognition and paycheck they deserve. This was their last concert before heading to Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL to play Main Stage.

These photos are from the concert and if you want me to email you the larger size, tell me one or two you would like and please send all inquiries to castleqwayr@gmail.com

Check back early next week for Video fun!


~ by castleqwayr on June 30, 2011.

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