Washed Out, ‘Within And Without’ (Hear Here)

A nice synthy, near ambient day of travel and discovery.

Washed Out—Amor Fati

Listen Here and read more of the review from NPR.ORG

On Washed Out‘s first full-length album, Within  and Without (out July 12),  it’s obvious from the echoing wall of synths in “Eyes Be Closed”  that Greene is looking to fill big spaces with these songs. Live  instruments also play a bigger role on Within  and Without than on his previous work. The melancholy album centerpiece “Far Away” still rests  on a backbone of simple, driving dance beats, but here, Greene shrouds his softly  cooing vocals in chiming xylophones and mournful, rustic strings. Demonstrating that he’s a skilled composer even without a synthesizer at his fingertips, “Far Away” might be the most unabashedly pretty song he’s ever  recorded.

~ by castleqwayr on June 27, 2011.

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